Aerobic Directions

These include:

  1. Classical aerobics.
  2. Step aerobics.
  3. Fitball.
  4. Bosu.

These areas provide high-intensity cardiac loads, enhancing the work of the cardiovascular system, helping to get rid of extra pounds in the shortest possible time. Such directions can be performed without special equipment, for example, classical aerobics. The rest use additional equipment, such as: step platforms, hemispheres, balls.

Power directions

  1. Functional training.
  2. Bodypump.
  3. Spinning
  4. Super strong.
  5. Body sculpt.
  6. Power Body.

The basis of these areas is the interval load aimed at strengthening all muscle groups, the development of endurance. The programs can alternate strength exercises using weights and cardio exercises.

Dance directions

  1. Zumba.
  2. Latina
  3. Eastern dance.
  4. Pole dance.
  5. Hip hop.
  6. Strip dance.

All dance movements are performed under the appropriate direction of music. Movements are gathered in dance ligaments, which improve the shape of the body, posture, increase the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles. Develop joint mobility and burn excess fat.